Gastroenterology Services

Dr Philpott provides a comprehensive range of services and consulting covering all aspects of gastroenterology. He currently practices out of a range of hospitals and medical practices across Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills region. For more information on his location schedule please contact Dr Philpott directly.

Services include:

→  Clinical gastroenterology consultation

→  Endoscopy*

→  Colonoscopy*

→  Oesophageal manometry and pH studies

→  Multidisciplinary treatment of complex pain and motility disorders

* Endoscopy and Colonoscopy include direct access services for patients reviewed by general practitioners requiring urgent investigation.


Dr Philpott currently consults out of the following locations:

→  Stirling Hospital: 20 Milan Terrace, Stirling 5152

→  Summit Health: 85 Wellington Rd, Mount Barker 5251

→  Better Medical Stirling Clinic: 2 Johnston St, Stirling 5152. Thursday evening clinic (6-9pm)

→  Better Medical Mt Barker: 15-19 Victoria Crescent, Mt Barker 5251. Saturday AM clinic

→  East Adelaide Medical Centre: 50 Hutt St, Adelaide 5000

→  480 Specialist Centre: 480 North East Rd, Windsor Gardens 5087

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